A weekend in Singapore

First impression about Singapore is that it is a London wanna be.  If you think so, think again.  If you have a quick stop in Singapore , read this post and you will have a quick idea on where to go in Singapore if you have a short stay.

Flying to Singapore is an adventure that I have long yearned for. Not only because I have never been to Asia, but also because it’s a hub and destination for many high-end holidaymakers and businessmen. Singapore was able to establish its reputation as a truly modern metropolis in only 45 years, after separation from Malaysia in 1965, when it became an independent multi-ethnic republic.

Flying on Singapore Airlines (SIA), which positions itself as the gateway to Asia, certainly makes this destination more accessible; travelling business-class makes it a further delight. In-flight entertainment had something for everyone and left no room for boredom. Meanwhile, the comfortable cushioned seats stretch out into restful beds. I know plane food can be a joke, but not on this trip; you look through a menu and choose your preferred meal, cooked by world- renowned chefs. Within one hour aboard the plane, all my worries about the 12-hour flight vanished.

Upon landing, I was bombarded by different impressions. At first sight, it looks like Dubai but at night it’s more like New York; the Singapore Flyer, which is a replica of The London Eye, adds a British flavour to it too. But after spending a few days there, I realised that despite the similarities, Singapore pulses with a creative energy of its own……Read more



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