A compact guide to Siwa

The sunset oasis

Amira El-Naqeeb composes a compact guide on how to make the best of a holiday in Siwa

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Clockwise from top: contemplating sunset; at home in the sky ceiling room; the majestic hills standing proudly in Taghaghien Island; bonding with nature in the Ghaliet photos: Iman Fouad & Mohamed El-Ghareeb

Siwa is much more than a getaway from the hustle and bustle of busy city life. It offers a beguiling blend of antiquity, nature and wellness. With Easter approaching, Siwa offers long weekend visitors a chance to make the best of their stay, teeming with life and activities.

You should mark your calendar for the Gabal Al-Dakroury and Siwan Festival which is a three-day event in October according to the Hijri (moon) calendar. Gabal Al-Dakroury was chosen by Siwan tribes as a middle ground for this annual festival, according to Mustafa Yousri, a local tour guide. “It is far removed from the tribal disputes of 150 years ago,” he explained. “They decided to come together and celebrate for three days the harvest season and reconciliation among the tribes.” People gather from all over Siwa, bringing food to eat and share together. Outsiders are welcome to join them if they happen to be in the neighbourhood during the festival……..Read more



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