Is being a traveler considered a skill?

This has been always a mind boggling question for me. By being a traveler, I don’t mean travelling with an organized group, where everything is planned for u. I also don’t mean going alone on a business or a leisure trip, where an agent booked ur ticket, ur hotel, and ur excursions/programme for u. By a traveler I mean less planning, more spontaneity, and more emersion into the place u r going to. Being more open to the fact that may be things will not go according to plan. Its being willing to sleep at a stranger’s house where u don’t speak much of the language, or not being too picky about food, and trying different habits. In short, going out of ur comfort zone.


In my travels, I have seen these innate travelers. Very flexible, very open, they can do anything and everything. They have an amazing coping capability, and when their plans go wrong, they can’t be more thrilled. I was lucky to have met these people on some of my trips. They ooze positivity, they see obstacles as life lessons, and challenges as adventures.

So what if u r not the same? Or u don’t have these qualities up to that extent? What if you are a bit uptight about sleeping in a strangers’ house, or trying new food? Shall this realization deter u from travelling, or having ur own adventures? I would say a firm NO. It’s true that some people are born with a natural sense of adventure. U can even spot it in children on the swings in any play ground. Some of them are so scared to hop on, and others the same age, want to swing till they reach the skyline.

The good news is these skills if the person is AWARE of them, can be acquired by experience. The more u backpack, and the less u plan, the more these things will come easy to u. from my travels, I realized that not all surprises are necessarily bad ones. Not all the food that looks funny is necessarily have a bad taste. Strangers, can be best friends later in life. Each and everyone can learn these skills at his or her own pace. So shed the trappings of ur perfectly planned life and start PLANNING ur own little adventure.



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