1st Recipe of of my food recycling series

In the  introduction to this section of the Nomad Foodie, I mentioned how I hate wasting, or throwing away food, so I came up with some recipes that help us recycle food, and at the same time will make them an attractive alternative dish.


If we have leftovers of any kind of meat, especially if it’s some small pieces of steak, that no body wants to eat, or small pieces of chicken. We can slice them really thin, spread them on Tortia bread, or shamy bread, also inside a pita bread (which ever available), then slice green, red, and yellow Bell pepper over them, grate any kind of cheese you have,(Gouda, Cheddar, or mozzarella) season them to your taste then put them inside the oven, or the microwave tell the cheese melts. its a quick fix if you have leftovers, and you came from outside tired and no time to cook many dishes.

and….Bon appetit 




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