My version of Paella

The word Paella came from the Arabic word (Baqia) which means in Arabic leftovers. I believe it was taken when the Muslims were ruling Andalusia. The idea of this dish inspired me a lot to make my own version of Paella, from some leftovers that  can blend well together. I made mine from some rice with lentils, along with some ground beef mixed with some cooked vegetables like bell pepper, potatoes and tomatoes. I also added cayenne pepper and some salt when I was heating them together, just to link the flavors to each other.

The thing is you can be very creative with leftovers, just don’t get tempted to the idea of throwing them away first. I wasn’t that conscious all my life, but after working in underprivileged areas, I felt guilty every time I threw any food. I also believe that we care so much about what other people think about us. So when you are in a restaurant and you have some leftovers, don’t hesitate to take them to go. you already paid for them, I know that we all fall under the pressure of thinking that oooh we might look cheap, but who is looking? and why should we care? this food that will go into the garbage you can give it away to a hungry person in the street, even it can feed a hungaImage hungry animal.


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