A simple version of Apple Crumble

Do you have some cookies that became a bit soft, or biscuits that became hard? Don’t throw them away.
I have a recipe that can kill many birds with one stone.
1-Break the biscuits or cookies its small pieces, not too small though.
2-Put them in a pan, or a baking tray, and that will make ur first layer.
3-Peel as many apples and cut them into medium chunks, just enough to cover the biscuits.
4-Sprinkle some brown sugar on them (optional) you can also drizzle some honey on them when they are out of the oven.
5-Now place the tray in the oven.
Leave them till they make a nice brown caramelized color, and u can stick a fork into the apple and see that they became soft. When you take them out sprinkle some cinnamon powder on top. You can also add some whipped cream on top (optional) Recipe .
You have a delicious caramelized treat, kids are going to love and

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