How to be a great guest

How to be a great GUEST

With the plethora of travel social networks, for travelers, its QUINTESSENTIAL , to know how to behave when you are a guest in somebody’s house especially if u don’t know them. I listed some points which will make u the PERFECT guest that everyone would want to host u.

1-Bring something from home for ur guest, a souvenir, a present, something that he/she can remember u with.

2-Make sure to spend sometime with ur host (if u dont know them), don’t use their house as a hotel.

3-Make up ur bed when u get up, and try to make ur space neat and clean.

4-Help with house chores (at least wash ur dish).

5-If u r staying for a week or more, it would be nice to go and shop, at least one time during ur stay or replace what u have consumed.(pay a visit to a local supermarket, or a grocery store).

6- Don’t use toiletry stuff of the host, unless he tells u, u r free to use them (shower gel, shampoos….etc.

7-Respect house rules, if there is no smoking inside, or loud noises after midnight.


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