Rice : waste not a grain

You  can’t  imagine  what a bowl  of  rice  pudding  can do to the  soul. After  a long  school  day,  or coming  home  after  a long  day  at work  and  longing  for  comfort  food, this can be the cure. I watched  my husband  coming  sometimes  late  at night, with  an intention  to  skip  dinner  but  wants something  filling  and comforting, and reached immediately for a bowl.  Barely have  time  to  cook?  you can  even have time to  make  dessert. Just take a look inside  your  fridge.

Rice Pudding :


Minimumm  a cup of well  cooked  leftover  plain rice.

2 cups of milk (preferably  full  cream)

1/2 a cup of fine sugar

1tbs of Rose water

1tsp Mcetkh

1/2 cup of starch

Pistachio powder for garnish

How to make it:
Heat the rice in a cooking pot, add some water to it if you were keeping it in the fridge. After it becomes soft, and it absorbed all the water, add the cold milk,sugar,and starch. Stir till it reaches a boil. Then reduce the heat, add the rose water and Mcetkh. When you feel that it became a soft and homogeneous mix , pour it in bowls or glasses while hot. Cool for minimum

Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding

four hours then serve it cold,garnish with Pistachio powder .


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