15 things I learned in Shanghai

1- It is not a tourist friendly city.

2- People are not helpful and dismissive.

3- It is mostly a concrete jungle, and has no spirit, except for a few parts of the city.

4- Everything is mostly in Chinese, and geared for Chinese.

5- The majority of the people don’t know the basic English words, like; taxi, toilet, subway, metro.

6- The service sector is horrible, and mostly people are borderline rude.

7- You have to bargain.

8- They are loud people.

9- You can only find one brand of Tampons, even in Walmart.

10- They have very good hot-pot restaurants.

11- It is OK to pick your nose in public.

12- In most public areas they have squat toilets.

13- People, spit and litter in the streets.

14- There are many homeless, and beggars.

15- Tab water isn’t potable.


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