Kish Island: Paradise Lost

Pristine beaches, Tiffany blue sea, pearly sandy beaches, and rich marine life that is a short description for Kish Island. Located in one of the most controversial countries in the world; Iran.
The island lies South of Iran on the Persian Gulf, and is approximately 90 km square meters, and except for its beaches, it is a concrete jungle. It is a popular shopping destination amongst Iranians, and hardly a crowded one, because of its hot weather most of the year. The island is not promoted by the government as a tourist destination, even for the local market; however, it is mostly promoted for business, since it is a free trade zone city.
The best time to visit Kish would be in autumn, where the weather is warm, but not so hot, and humidity is not at its peak. Women, if they want to swim in some public beaches they have to use an all covering suit, which is similar to a diving suit. This rule in Iran is a very whimsical one, and depends on the police patrol and whether they would approach people to get out of the water or let them be. Simply put, there is no written rule that says if women are “properly covered” they shouldn’t be able to swim in public beaches, however, it all depends on the police officer to allow you or not. I was lucky enough to escape the whims of the police twice, and enjoyed swimming with my husband, and also as soon as they know you are a foreigner they are more relaxed, and some rules can be bent. If one wants to avoid the hassle, women can go to the ladies beach.
The ladies beach in Kish is like nothing that I ever imagined. The first time I was there I thought maybe I am in Monaco or somewhere in Costa del Sol. You cannot imagine the amount of thongs, Brazilian cuts, and topless women there. The interesting thing was how comfortable women felt as they were strolling on the beach flaunting their bodies, and boobs whether fake or real. I didn’t expect to see the latest fashion in swimwear, accessories, designers’ sandals, and even tanning lotions. Also there were a lot of young girls with tattoos, nose jobs amongst other jobs, if you know what I mean. I didn’t only think that I’m outside of Iran, but also felt under dressed in my normal bikini that I got on sale from H &M, as if I crashed a Dolce & Gabbana party in my pajamas. Suddenly it all came back to me, all these pictures that I have seen on Instagram from this controversial account #therichkidsoftehran, it is sort of real. There is a niche in the society which is all rich, powerful, and definitely living in their own bubble. But eventually, aren’t we all?
Although In Kish is not promoted as a beach resort as I mentioned earlier, there are some water sports and activities that can be done to help people pass time. For instance, people can rent a bike or a scooter, watch a dolphin show, do Para sailing, diving, and also there is a cable ski. Kish houses some nice and decent restaurants as well as a couple of fancy malls. The most impressive thing about Kish is its tranquil beaches, and definitely it is worth visiting, although the island is nowhere close to achieving its full potential yet.


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The Sunken Greek Ship off the shores of Kish Island.


Pristine #beaches


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