Stale bread: How to kiss a frog and turn it into a prince

French toast_reinvented

French toast_reinvented

Of all the food we throw out, bread mostly has the lion share. When it became stale, dried out, or too hard, I know it doesn’t become appealing anymore. Here is one very simple recipe to bring it back to life.
3 eggs
1/3 cup milk
1/3 cup sugar
1/8 teaspoon cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon vanilla ( ucan use grated coconut powder, and grated nuts as another option)
2 Tablespoons butter
(This will make at least 8 pieces)
How to prepare:
1-Whisk together all the ingredients in a large bowl (except for the kiwis).
2-Try to open the bread, or slice it if you can, just make sure that it doesn’t break into crumbles.
3-Quickly dip each side of the bread into the custard mixture.
4-Add the bread to a pan on medium-high heat that has been coated with butter. Cook on each side until brown.
For decoration you can sprinkle more grated coconut powder, nuts, then put the kiwis on top.


The essential guide for choosing your Airline

Inside Toronto Airport

Inside Toronto Airport

Me in Toronto AirportSince I was flying a lot lately I thought about doing this comparison between airlines that I tried out within the past two years. So before booking your ticket may be you want take a look on that. This comparison is for economy fares only.Airlines1

How to be a great guest

How to be a great GUEST

With the plethora of travel social networks, for travelers, its QUINTESSENTIAL , to know how to behave when you are a guest in somebody’s house especially if u don’t know them. I listed some points which will make u the PERFECT guest that everyone would want to host u.

1-Bring something from home for ur guest, a souvenir, a present, something that he/she can remember u with.

2-Make sure to spend sometime with ur host (if u dont know them), don’t use their house as a hotel.

3-Make up ur bed when u get up, and try to make ur space neat and clean.

4-Help with house chores (at least wash ur dish).

5-If u r staying for a week or more, it would be nice to go and shop, at least one time during ur stay or replace what u have consumed.(pay a visit to a local supermarket, or a grocery store).

6- Don’t use toiletry stuff of the host, unless he tells u, u r free to use them (shower gel, shampoos….etc.

7-Respect house rules, if there is no smoking inside, or loud noises after midnight.

A simple version of Apple Crumble

Do you have some cookies that became a bit soft, or biscuits that became hard? Don’t throw them away.
I have a recipe that can kill many birds with one stone.
1-Break the biscuits or cookies its small pieces, not too small though.
2-Put them in a pan, or a baking tray, and that will make ur first layer.
3-Peel as many apples and cut them into medium chunks, just enough to cover the biscuits.
4-Sprinkle some brown sugar on them (optional) you can also drizzle some honey on them when they are out of the oven.
5-Now place the tray in the oven.
Leave them till they make a nice brown caramelized color, and u can stick a fork into the apple and see that they became soft. When you take them out sprinkle some cinnamon powder on top. You can also add some whipped cream on top (optional) Recipe .
You have a delicious caramelized treat, kids are going to love and

My version of Paella

The word Paella came from the Arabic word (Baqia) which means in Arabic leftovers. I believe it was taken when the Muslims were ruling Andalusia. The idea of this dish inspired me a lot to make my own version of Paella, from some leftovers that  can blend well together. I made mine from some rice with lentils, along with some ground beef mixed with some cooked vegetables like bell pepper, potatoes and tomatoes. I also added cayenne pepper and some salt when I was heating them together, just to link the flavors to each other.

The thing is you can be very creative with leftovers, just don’t get tempted to the idea of throwing them away first. I wasn’t that conscious all my life, but after working in underprivileged areas, I felt guilty every time I threw any food. I also believe that we care so much about what other people think about us. So when you are in a restaurant and you have some leftovers, don’t hesitate to take them to go. you already paid for them, I know that we all fall under the pressure of thinking that oooh we might look cheap, but who is looking? and why should we care? this food that will go into the garbage you can give it away to a hungry person in the street, even it can feed a hungaImage hungry animal.

1st Recipe of of my food recycling series

In the  introduction to this section of the Nomad Foodie, I mentioned how I hate wasting, or throwing away food, so I came up with some recipes that help us recycle food, and at the same time will make them an attractive alternative dish.


If we have leftovers of any kind of meat, especially if it’s some small pieces of steak, that no body wants to eat, or small pieces of chicken. We can slice them really thin, spread them on Tortia bread, or shamy bread, also inside a pita bread (which ever available), then slice green, red, and yellow Bell pepper over them, grate any kind of cheese you have,(Gouda, Cheddar, or mozzarella) season them to your taste then put them inside the oven, or the microwave tell the cheese melts. its a quick fix if you have leftovers, and you came from outside tired and no time to cook many dishes.

and….Bon appetit